Sunday, September 26, 2010


''a group of people living at san joaquin iloilo reported a sighting of demon looking creatures with big red eyes. together with them were what they reffered to as ''aswangs'', because they saw them change skin,peeling them off.''

this was the text msg. i got from vonior just last night.

he also added that when he told this to his dad, his dad confirmed that this may be true. his dad was a seaman and he too, saw the like when he was in brazil.

vonior on the other hand concluded that these things happen because autumn equinox is coming. he also added that these things mostly happen when the second coming of christ is near and the gates of hell are about to close. it all boils down to one thing, ''end of the world is going nowhere but near''.


i wasnt that skeptical of these thoughts when i heard them.

the mudslides, the storms, the flood, destruction in every form, they happen all around the world.
the rain that carried blocks of ice in manila.

man being abusive of technology should be blamed.

yup, technology does make our way of living faster and easier but it should not be abused to some extent because mother nature has it's ways to bounce it all back to us.


after watching ''LEGION'' and ''KNOWING'' , i can no longer do anything but pray.

i'm afraid of death, i'm young and still haven't achieved anything yet. and i really want to face god and be proud to tell him that he did not go wrong when he gave me life.

''end of the world?'' i hope it's not yet too late. i hope not. not yet.


  1. ang freaky naman... totoo ba yung txt message na yun? shet! natatalot ako wala pa kong nagiging serious relationship hindi pa pwedeng magunaw ang mundo...

    anu nga pala yung autumn equinox?

    ka-shokot talaga!

  2. All that we know now will end someday, whether we like it or not.

    That's why, as the Roman philosopher Seneca said "Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life."

  3. pareho kami ng naisip ni shenanigans. hindi ba ko nagkakajowa ano ba!! hahaha
    but seriously though, i actually don't believe in the saying live your life as if it is the last but rather live your life as if it is the first =)

  4. @shenanigans: di ko nga maintindihan pinagsasabi ng lover ko eh..haha.. totoo daw yun, at na feature din daw toh sa local stations nila.. ako din, ayoko pa din mamatay..haha..di ko pa nakakasama yung baby ko..haha..

    @rudeboy: kaya nga from now on eh i'll learn how to be a good boy na..para ready na ako if ever.,.hahha

    @DB: baka nanjan lg xa sa paligid db...hanap hanapin mo lang..hehe

  5. nananakot si toffer oh.kakaloka naman. eto ba ung 2012? hehehe. :P

  6. haha ano ba yang Iloilo kc LOL, my dad who lived in Capiz (born in Roxas City) used to tell stories about kapres, aswangs and barang barang bwahaha, but nothing like that red eyed aswang. Dunno if it was true tho hehe :P

  7. @nim: baka nga...hahahha..sana di lang...

    @soltero: oh?eh i'm also from roxas city eh...malamang pagsinabi mo sakin family name mo malalaman ko kaagad yung family nio..hahaha... madami talaga reports of aswang encounters..every week sa radio...