Monday, October 18, 2010

FUCK YOU part 1

he was awakened by the crackly, squeaky sound my door made just after i went inside the room after showering.

''hey!'' i greeted him while i began to wear my duty uniform that morning.

there was no response.

i looked at him and i wasnt wrong last night. he's cute. he's tall, fair skinned, chinky eyed, baby face. his face showed much of cunfusion as he got up and took a glance of my pad, then he started staring at me while i zip my fly.

''where am i?''he asked.

''seriously?'' i responded with a giggle.

''oh shit..'' he murmured covering his face with a pillow.

''so you get amnesia after waking up with a hang-over huh?''

''what time is it?''

''it's a quarter past 8 and i have to get going, just lock the door after you leave, i dont wanna be late''

''what the fuck!'' he said aloud while he hurriedly grabbed his clothes and started to dress up.

i was about to spray my perfume when he grabbed it from my hand and took a spray from it.

''hmmm, ang bango ah'' he mustered while he smelled my neck and ran out of my room.

i chased him and yelled at him.



''I'm tope. and. you. are?'' still yelling because he was already downstairs.

''FUCK YOU!!!''he shouted back before he slammed the poor door of my apartment.

''we already did'', said my mind.

i couldnt stop my self smiling after he left. i dont know him but his personality makes me want to. i know, i'll find ways to meet him. someday.

to be continued...


this is a story i made last night, hope you like it. it's fiction


  1. based ba 'to sa isang true story??? ahahaha

  2. kala ko may pagtataksil na nangyari eh. XD

  3. @nimmy: hindi noh..di pa toh nangyayare saken..:) haha

    @jonniembus: haha..mega known? bakit?makakarelate ka ba if ever?haha

  4. Wahaaha! What a weird morning-after-the-sex experience! Fuck you talaga! baka na-offend na di mo naalala name niya. Haha!

  5. @lasher:haha..fiction nga lasher..fiction..haha

  6. Nice fiction story. Keep writing! :)

  7. taray! parang brian kinney lang.. hihi ;p

  8. @sakura: i followed your blog already..thanks..:))

    @shenanigans: brian kinney?? di ko knows...hehe..thanks for droppin by..

  9. brian kinnwy... noud ka ng queer as folks series magugustuhan mo xa