Sunday, October 24, 2010

FUCK YOU part 2

i was driving my car when the thought of him entered my mind.


i was outside the bar smoking when i saw him. he just got out. he was simple yet stylish. he had eyes that were expressive enough to tell you that he's lonely. he had kissable lips. his chinky eyes had started to drop with his body when i caught him on his shoulders. he was drunk. he was intoxicated. i carried him all the way to my car which i parked several steps outside the bar last night.

i laid him just beside the drivers seat. he smelled like beer mixed with his vanilla scented perfume.

i was driving my way to my apartment yet i cant stop looking at his gorgeous face.

as i lay him to bed, he grabbed my neck and started kissing me. i couldn't contain more of my hard-on. we kissed. we necked. we licked each others nips. we sucked off each others cocks. we fucked. we came. we slept.

as i thought of what had happened last night and earlier today, i couldn't stop myself from smiling.

i was smiling again. the very first time i smiled after the break-up and tears i got from jaime 5 months ago. he was the reason. i just dont know his name,see, he was pretty stubborn for him to introduce himself properly. but i truly know that he was the reason.

his cute face.

his body.

his fuckin stubborn attitude.

they were all the reason.

to be continued...

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