Wednesday, August 11, 2010

coke and barquillos

he's one smart ass and i'm not,
he loves aguillera, i love mariah
he plays online and psp games, i don't
he's squeaky clean, and i'm lazy

he's light skinned, i'm light brown
he's got a nice flat tummy, i'm bloated
he's into pink, i'm into blue
he's cool, i'm too emotional

i'm into cute babies, he's into mature guys
i snore, he doesn't
i'm into vanilla scents, he's into floral musks
i laugh at vice ganda, he finds him corny

despite so much differences,despite loads of arguments, we still kept our relationship stronger. differences are unavoidable, and more often than not, we have just to let it be. coz we could actually learn from it. we could actually see things from both ways, from both sides. it's like trying other things out and not sticking to the basic routine. it's a way of trying to find out what he likes, what he wants, what he does and trying it also and realize that there's a big possibility that we might actually love it too.

it's like as if you're the coke and he's the barquillos.
doesn't look like a good match, but if dipped together, tastes actually good. yumyum. haha. try it. i just did. :))

to my sweet baby vonnie, happy happy happy 16th month...i know that sometimes we're like cats and dogs when we fight, but w/o you, my barquillos will never be as tasteful as this...LOL..i love you so much...:))


  1. spice sa relasyon ang away. lalo na ang make up sex.

  2. @exjason, kaya nga..kaya pag may away, merong sexytime..hahaha..:))

  3. yey!a happy post!i love happy post hehehe!


    at tama ka,wala naman makukuha na totally katulad mo e,laging may pag kakaiba,nasa tamang usapan,at tamang diskarte lang yan panu magtatagal isang relasyon!

    sana magtagal pa kayu...