Sunday, August 1, 2010


when i was in high school, i would send him letters through my friend
he's my friend's cousin.
i would send him short notes written on stick-its, poems i write every time i get bored in class.
we don't text nor call each other.
we would just see each other every time i get by my friends house.
we would just likely say hi or hello to each other.
my friend and i didn't usually talk about him back in high school.

this friend of mine and i got time to hang-out with our high school classmates last month
and when we got ourselves reminiscing high school memories,
the memory of him hit me.

i asked her if that cousin of hers is straight.
she didn't answer me for she herself doesn't know the real score about his sexuality.

when asked why,she told me these things,
1. cousin posts my letters and notes on his wall way back our higschool days.
2. his friends would usually be girls or if not,would be gays.
3. he's fond of listening to female songs.
4. he has this heart for gay movies.
5. he asks her way back high school about me, and he wants to get updated with me oftentimes.

so i asked her again,
''what makes you doubt that he's gay?''

''he's balbas sarado, he doesn't show any signs or body language of being gay and he acts straight''

got myself thinking after that day and until now i still dont know...

i'm a bit curious..hmmmm... 

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