Monday, November 1, 2010



The first time I tried it, I used soap. It was actually painful on my dick's skin and when I thought that I was about to cum, I actually just urinated. months later, I watched a porn movie, and stroked my dicky without the soap, I stroked it patiently for about 30 mins and boom, it is still clear in my mind, my cum overflowed. It filled half a small tea cup. How did I know? I measured it. I cummed in the tea cup.


I still remember when I was in grade 1, my friends and I would put powder on our classroom's floor, we'll then play sliding as if we were skating, and that was the first time I got scolded by my adviser and punished us and made us go outside and squat.

Children’s party.

when I was  9 and I was invited to come to my friend's birthday party, I hid the invitation card from my dad because I really didn’t want to attend, see, I don’t really like associating with other people back then. My dad saw it a day before the party, then shit, I ended up wearing the blue ranger costume and went to the party.


When I was pretty young, I’d pretend having a toothache or that I’m sick or sleeping every Sunday afternoon just so I wouldn’t have to go with my parents to hear the mass. or if I’m with my yaya, I’d tell her that she has to buy me something in the mall before the mass as my reward, but in the middle of the mass, I’d pretend that I’d have to poop. haha.


The whole clan would actually visit the cemetery and go to our loved ones who passed away. We, as kids would play with the candles. The melted parts we gathered and moulded it into balls. We would also get big nido cans and put holes on its edges and put a little candle inside it as if it were lanterns.


This was what I usually played 12 years ago. I have this one pampaswerteng pambato which always made me win. I remember how those text cards occupied the whole two drawers of my closet. I used to have thousands of them. It made me happy, and it made my skin really dark. I used to play it from 7:00am- 3pm straight when I was a kid.

Air gun.

Before I went to school that sunny morning, I wrote my dad a note that said:


    You have to buy me an airgun.

            Your good little boy,

That same day, I got one, and it was an armalite airgun.
I played with it and shot the birds outside the house.


Got my first tutor when I failed with my math class way back grade 5. I would often give her chocolates whenever she tutors me, and she ends up eating and eating and talking and talking, no tutoring happened then.

Cell phone.

my dad bought me my very first cell phone when I was in grade 5, I was one of the few who had one. That 5510 was pretty expensive during that time, it was sold at P9, 000.00 . I got jealous with my friends and cried almost every night till one day my dad grew tired of all the crying and no eating and no talking-to-him and just bought me one. :)

Elephant pants.

It used to be a trend when i was in grade 6. The hell I laughed when I saw my old pictures wearing 'em. it looked like a big skirt on me. Damn.

Lip balm.

my best friend and i were seatmates when we we're about to graduate from elementary. Her dad bought her a lip balm from thebodyshop which smelled and tasted like strawberry. I remember how we put it on our lips just so we could lick it. haha.

Mandy Moore and Britney spears and Christina Aguilera
From grade 6 to first year high, these were our favrites. we'd dance and sing their songs or fight and argue about who's the best. one time during my algebra class i was singing ''cry by Mandy Moore'', my teacher yelled, '' sino yung kumakanta?'' i raised my hand because i thought she loved it. sige kumanta ka sa harap she yelled again. i was so embarrassed that time and got myself crying. that was the first time i had an enemy-teacher. haha. She didn’t fail me but she gave me 78 in my class card.


these are some of my childhood memories. bad or good, this was what made my personality. this will always remind me that i was once a kid. a kid who fell a lot of times but managed to stand up and fight again. and now,this is me, and never will i change it for anybody.


  1. the Lip Balm story is so cute! hahahah

    ung first one ha... ehem ehem. :P

  2. sobrang nakarelate ako sa pangunguha ng melted candles pati paglalaro ng texts. dumadayo pa nga kame nung partner ko sa ibang barangay pra makipaglaban eh. hehe
    you look like a Korean sa header. hehe
    P.S. like na like ko din ang tagline: "after all the crying...."

  3. @nimmy: thank you sa palaging pagcocomment..hehe..:))

  4. @db:kayong dalawa lagi yung nagcocomment sa mga posts ko..thanks..:)) anyway, siguro nga lahat ng bata non naglalaro din ng texts, ang saya kaya..:) sana korean din ako..haha..perfect kasi yung skin nila..

  5. Hehehe...Ang kwela basahin! Thanks for sharing, Tope!

  6. so nice to reminisce.. haaay..
    aliw ako dun sa lip balm! pero mas bet ko ung airgun!! ahaha

  7. @lasher: haha..thanks lash...:)

  8. @ceiboh: hehe..kaya nga i always try to remember happy moments when ever im sad..hehe