Sunday, July 4, 2010

this is real. this is me.

1.    This is the very first blog of mine so please be considerate enough not to bash me if there’s anything stupid in this blog. As much as possible, please act educated enough to raise a suggestion or opinion if you find anything disturbing, written in this blog.

2.    I would like this blog to serve as an online diary and perhaps help me enhance my writing skills.

3.    I am 19 y/o.

4.    Financially dependent.

5.    Studying. Still and again.

6.    Horny but faithful.

7.    I am gay. And out to almost everybody.

8.    In this stage of my life i could actually say that I’ve experienced and went through almost every challenge and circumstance that the cruel side of this world has to offer. I FELL, I STOOD UP, AND ALONG WITH THAT, I HAVE LEARNED.

9.    As much as i wanted to hide every bit of issue in my life, i just can’t. Living in a small city filled with people who knows everybody and opt to spend their time talking about other people’s lives, rather than spending it doing things to improve their own lives, forbids me to hide and keep something just for myself. But i actually don’t care much because I’m very much proud of where i am now, what I’ve achieved and what I became.

10.    I’ve had a lot of friends back then but very much unsure if they’re true. Now when I’ve encountered almost everything, only a few remained. FEW BUT TRUE.

11.    I am a very good friend, but you wouldn’t want me as an enemy.
12.    They say, a perfect relationship is molded and tested through time, and only love could withstand any trial that comes. That that two people within the relationship, in order for it to last must have the right determination, experience (in handling relationships), connection and spark, trust, understanding and lastly, LOVE. HARD BUT TRUE. I CAN ATTEST TO THIS.

13.    I am in a 1year and 3month relationship right now. Who says LDR’s doesn’t work? Our relationship is one evidence that it actually works. You just need a quite strong foundation to keep it running with a built strong support

14.    I couldn’t say that I am that religious but one thing’s for sure, I LOVE GOD. I visit him in his place once or twice a week and I never forget to thank him before I sleep.

15.    I am a very strong person but weak when it comes to love. Too typical but true. I am very outgoing. I am somebody who doesn’t take things seriously, i laugh around problems, that’s what I. would like to call DEFENSE MECHANISM. I love my family, i love VON,i love PAPA GOD. one of the things that keeps me going is because, I LOVE MYSELF.