Friday, July 9, 2010

What are the 10 things i can’t live without?

1. My Acer Extensa 4630Z w/c I bought with my own savings 8 months ago. ( this is my first ever laptop. i love the crystal eye camera. I love it's being user friendly and I love it coz it has been somewhat a medium of communication for the LDR i have with von right now. ah... before i forget, i watch my porn DVD’s using this) i lavet!!!

2. My Nokia e63 cell phone w/c I also bought 8 months ago and with my own saving too. ( i loved it because its design is kind of similar to a blackberry phone. ) Looks posh by the way. but too sad coz just after 3 weeks of buying it, it's price decreased from 12,600 to 11,900php. now, it's being sold for only 10 thousand php.

3. my closet full of shirts and panporma stuffs. (usually bought from malls, i designed some of it and let the friendly-taylor-kapitbahay sew it for me.haha. some were gifts from my mom and some were from vonnie )

4. My ATM card. (just realized that diamonds are forever and money isn’t. haha) had myself opened a savings account for future use and also for emergency.)

5. My derma products to keep signs of stress at bay. (with me being insomniac, i guess this kit is really a must-have and is of big help.  I find it effective although sometimes it doesn’t work with too much no-sleeping-routine.)

6. Those 3 stuffed toys, Vonnie gave me. They mean a lot to me. Every time i see them, I think of von and those childlike moments we’ve had.

7.  My shoes. ( they go with the outfits i’ve got ) 2 pairs of old navy vans-design, 2 pairs of high cut Nike dunks, a pair of a low-cut rubber boots, and a pair of pointed leather chuck taylor- designed shoes.) I love em. hahaha

8.  My dad. (I love him so so much) I’m lucky to have him as my dad. A good provider, a good barkada, a good consintidor, and he loves me as who i am and who i might become.)the best dad in the world.

9. VONNIE. My first ever lover who lead me to the right path in my once rocky life. He loved me all the way. Th only person who i loved this much.

10. PAPA GOD. Amen. I wouldn’t have all these if it weren’t to him. I love papa god. My creator. My commander. My father.
 Walang maipost. Haha.

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  1. nawindang ako sa use ng laptop mo. :) nahorny na siguro yang laptop mo sa dami ba namang porn DVD's na piagpapasok mo jan! hahaha.

    at sa vonnie mo, goodluck! magmahalan kau ng bonggang-bongga. :)

    amen para kay PAPA GOD. :)